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Blocked gland in neck.....any advice DS 9

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funnyface31 Sun 28-Dec-14 21:53:22

Ds has been unwell since Monday, bad chect and anti-biotics given. Increased ventolin as asthma bad too, Steroid on Wednesday as cough worse. (steroid stopped temperature, but he is still coughing).

He woke up crying last night and had a massive lump (golf ball size) in his neck on left side, we went straight to A&E and they said a blocked gland (although the was a slight mention of lymph node). DS discharged once senior doctor tried to manipulate it, the swelling came down.

She said it should clear and to see the GP if still up in few more days, all ok until this morning and it is back again. Sligh discomfort for him.

Any advice would be great as never even realised the glands could go so big.

BarbarianMum Sun 28-Dec-14 22:01:09

Was it a salivary gland? I had a blocked salivary gland (blocked by a small stone, similar to a gallstone) age 11. It inflated several times, eventually I had a small operation to remove the stone and it's never bothered me since (am 43 now).

funnyface31 Sun 28-Dec-14 22:13:32

They mentioned a stone and when I pressed the doctor she said it was like a lump of jelly that would work its way out.

Thanks for the reply Barba

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