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Ooh gp tomorrow or wait til mon? Poo deets aplenty...

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awfulomission Fri 26-Dec-14 23:01:49

Dc is prone to acute constipation. Has been hospitalised with it (before we knew what was causing the symptoms).

On Xmas day, started with diahorrea, then ended up just pooing water/mucus. DC pretty much lost continence-would go for a pee and suddenly be passing water/mucus from behind too. Pellety poo today. Fine in themselves, perhaps a little off food, but otherwise ok, no pain. Bit of reflux, no vomiting.

Given the history, and that it came on pretty fast before, aibu to go to ooh tomorrow? We have meds but I'm unsure of the dosages as we've not used them for a while (have not needed to) and I'm even unsure if it's constipation at all. I'm erring towards ooh at the mo. WWYD?

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