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Vaginal Thrush in little girl

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purpleme12 Sat 20-Dec-14 19:53:43

My now 14 month old girl got vaginal thrush in august. The doctor at the walk in centre gave nappy cream which I knew would be useless and needed something stronger. Went to my doctor couple days later (the useless one but needed an app asap)and he said it wasn't thrush it was nappy rash and prescribed timodene which can be used for both cos I kicked up a fuss.

It would go after using this but come back so I kept using it every so often then one time last month it came back really bad really quickly. Couldn't get an app at my doctors that day so took her to walk in centre as it was red raw and bleeding a bit so felt it needed to be seen that day. Doctor said it was thrush and prescribed daktakort (hydrocortisone and micanazole) supposed to use for 7 days and bath in oilatum. I used daktakort for week and half as it wasn't gone by 7 days- by then I knew it was still there it was a bit red, if someone saw who didn't know what she'd been like they'd think it was normal nappy rash but I knew it was still there but didn't want to use daktakort for longer as I'd already used it for more than week.

Took her back to my doctors but saw different doctor he said it was clear but he only looked at front part of her bottom anyway, didn't take whole nappy off. Today she's had bad poos (teething I think) and it's gone so so red again and she always itches her bum in bath now too.

I am so so upset about this I want to cry. I want to go doctor now and shout that this is not good enough why aren't they taking this seriously. but I can't get app with another doctor til weds by which time I'm now thinking it'll be worse than ever.

Has anyone had this before?? Please please can someone tell me what happened with their daughter because I'm so so upset about this I just want to make her better!

purpleme12 Sun 21-Dec-14 12:18:28


Tollygunge Sun 21-Dec-14 12:22:23

My daughter suffers from this too- doctor gave us canesten. It says on the back you can use for kids-can you buy this from chemist and use? I suppose you could also use natural yogurt. Other than that would def change nappy brand and also let her be nappy less as much as you can, even at night she could sleep on a towel?

wickedlazy Sun 21-Dec-14 14:01:14

Are the baby wipes or nappies you use perhaps irritating her skin? Could it be the bubble bath or soap you use? Definitely keep her nappy off for as long as you can, to let air at the inflamed skin (don't have a dd but friends dd had quite bad thrush).

FruitBasedDrinkForALady Mon 22-Dec-14 16:20:30

DD suffered horribly from thrush at that age. It eventually transpired it was from her bowel rather than vaginal and was being exacerbated by a food intolerance (mushrooms). We cut them.out completely and I was recommended neem oil at the health food shop. It was a miracle in a bottle, completely healed her skin in about 2 days (after 3 weeks of nothing otc or prescription working). We also gave high strength udos pro biopics, which I still give a couple of times a week or if she starts getting jiggly /itchy. Hope it gets sorted soon, it's horrible for them to be sore and uncomfortable like that.

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