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latex allergy

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Starlight9 Thu 18-Dec-14 05:55:32

Hey Guys. I was wondering if any of you have children who suffer from a latex allergy? My two year old suddenly has all of these allergies that have come from nowhere and has been told that she suffers from Urticaria. (She will be having allergy testing next month). But anyhow, she most definitely has a latex allergy. If so, does anybody have advice on how to relieve the pain when an allergic reaction happens? With her other allergies, me and my partner will use her allergy medication which relieves symptoms but the latex allergy will not go away easily and is causing her so much pain when I change her, she wriggles around and cries sad - I think quite possibly that her daycare used latex gloves on her by mistake yesterday, but that is another thread in itself - Suggestions pretty please! xxx

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