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Does anyone know what these mean- any doctors around

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cedmonds Wed 17-Dec-14 15:44:38

My ds (8) is under great ormond street, he has had a lot of tests done some of them have come back negative but the letter has said that he has mild microcytosis with haemoglobulins is normal at 13.6. It also says that is MBL is low and suggest deficiency.
I have tried phoning gp but there are no appointments.

SnottySundays Tue 23-Dec-14 14:33:42

Microcytosis basically means his red blood cells are a little on the small side.
Haemoglobin is a measure of the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood, his is normal (it is low in anaemia).
But the microcytosis (small red blood cells) suggests that there might be something going on such as an iron deficiency - iron deficiency usually leads to a microcytic anaemia (low haemoglobin, small cells) but you can have iron deficiency without a low haemoglobin if that makes sense.
Not sure what MBL is though.
If he is under GOS why not phone his consultant's secretary and ask them to get back to you?

DrLego Sun 28-Dec-14 02:20:10

MBL is mannose binding lectin. it's a type of protein secreted by the liver. A deficiency in MBL can be a type of complement deficiency which is a type of immunity problem
there is obviously an underlying issue as under Great Ormond St. Hb 13.6 means there is no iron deficiency anaemia/ iron deficiency is not cause of microcytosis. Sorry late to see your thread. Hope all is being sorted now

cedmonds Mon 29-Dec-14 19:42:13

Thanks I had spoken to GOSH and they had explained it.

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