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6 week old.- hernia?

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Greenstone Tue 16-Dec-14 19:34:05

I've just noticed a bulge in my 6 week old ' s groin when I was changing her nappy. Have Googled and it looks like a hernia which I also had as a baby

does anyone have experience of this and how quickly should we get her looked at - OOH or GP tomorrow?

Greenstone Tue 16-Dec-14 19:42:45

Bump, sorry

grumpyoldgitagain Tue 16-Dec-14 19:46:20

I would think gp tomorrow would be ok

I had a hernia for months before it got operated on but if pain looks to be increasing or discomfort then OOH's

Difficult to advise online just go with your gut feeling, if your not happy get it checked sooner

Greenstone Wed 17-Dec-14 10:35:21

Thanks for the reply grumpy. Appointment made for this morning. It looks to have receded in a bit, it was bulging quite visibly last night so hope they believe me! Baby seems fine otherwise.

Loftyjen Thu 18-Dec-14 23:26:28

They should believe you as it is a v good hx you give (am Paeds nurse & my DD had an inguinal hernia repair @ 10wks old).
If pain free & has reduced (vanished) without bother then GP tomorrow'll be fine.
Time to worry is if it appears to cause pain or can't be reduced. In those cases go to A&E to check the bowel (which is causing the lump) hasn't twisted.

Greenstone Fri 19-Dec-14 03:29:21

Thank you Lofty - we have been to the GP and inguinal hernia confirmed. Dd will have to have an op sometime in the next few weeks confused may I ask you about your dd's operation? I am worried about having to fast a 2 month old in advance, is that part awful?

Loftyjen Fri 19-Dec-14 18:12:22

Typically the youngest go on first so that their not starved for longer than necessary.
I was v stressed about the starving, especially as DD was sleeping from 10.30-6.30 typically by then (my 13mth old DS is making up for thisconfused) plus she was (& still is now) tiny - at full term she was below the 0.4th centile & it's likely her petite frame + a big for her growth spurt (1lb in 2wks) caused the hernia.
I woke her & tried to feed her (gave her some EBM as knew she would be unlikely to be willing to latch on in her sleep). The hospital advised she could have clear fluids 3hrs before so we tried her with water which she found v amusing & didn't take!
There were so many things to take in (esp a fish tank) on the ward that she wasn't too bothered by not feeding & in theatre they do give them IV fluids to make up for what she's missed & won't get too dry.
The op is v quick & so it's not that heavy an anesthetic, but she will want to sleep it off - I gave a little comfort feed & let her settle for a nap, she woke if her own accord & had a great feed.
Felt v weird as having headed in to the hospital at 7am by 4pm we were home & DD slept as normal that night (like I said DS is making up for all that now!).
Make sure you have someone there to support you & my top tip is if little'un is already using grow bags, take one with you - for recovery onwards much more comfy for them than hospital blankets/sheets (the zip can be undone a bit to allow for a sats probe (monitors their heart rate/oxygen level from their toe) to get in wink
At this age, you'll be the one who gets more stressed than her!

Greenstone Fri 19-Dec-14 18:50:31

Oh wow, what a great response, thanks so much it really helps flowers

Great tips about the gro bag and trying with EBM if she's too sleepy for a boob feed. Though she's still doing a big feed around 3am so might not be an issue. Dd is small but not tiny, born at 39 weeks and lost a load of weight in her first week but gaining fine now - I hate the thought of starving her!

The op will be in a city 2 hours from where I live so we will go up overnight, I must bring my breast pump so don't get horribly engorged!

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