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Teething bursts, how long should they last? for a 2 year old?

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summerflower12 Mon 15-Dec-14 18:55:42

My DS is 2 years and 3 months and he has always had a hard time with teething. This time round (when I thought the worst) was over, he has been literally putting his hand and his fist into his mouth (which is not good as he has eczema) on his wrists which gets worse. He does have a dummy and he is wanting it more (and to save his wrist I do give it to him).
Now from Friday he seemed to be teething, as he had red cheeks, (either one or the other) so have been giving him neurofen/paracetamol. He has had high temperatures as well. Even his food has slowed down during the last week (and he normally eats loads). Now this morning, he was looking rough, and he coughed and he vomited (his vomit seemed to be saliva and a bit of phlegm). He does have a cold (as most children at this time, runny nose and a cough). So I do not know what is what. I mean if it is teething.... when will this end? How long should I keep giving him neurofen/ paracetamol for? This morning he was sick twice, the last after I had given him neurofen... so now he doesn't want to take any medicine.
It is really testing me... because it seems to be lasting too long, or maybe it is a combination of teething and a flu virus? But his snot is not even sorry for the TMI ... green, it is just white, so he doesn't have such a 'bad' cold, if you know what I mean.

notasleep Mon 15-Dec-14 19:03:04

Hi, it sounds like more than teething to me, like you say, virus plus teething... I don't think teething would cause vomiting.

my dd started getting her molars through around 2.2 and they took about 6 months to emerge. A long painful process... She had red cheeks, also chewed her fingers the whole time and developed callouses on both hands as a result..

It seemed quite a stop-start thing, and made her extremely grumpy too!

Hope your ds feels better soon..

summerflower12 Mon 15-Dec-14 19:56:40

Thank you 'notasleep' it is good to have another opinion. He finally went for a 'nap' and he is peacefully resting at 4 and has been sleeping for 3.5 hours I let him, as he seems he is settled, I may have a long night, but it is fine, if he is better. thanks again, ..

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