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Ds poorly & worse at night

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MyPandaisasecretmonster Sun 14-Dec-14 21:38:16

6yo Ds has been ill since Thursday night first it just seemed he was full of cold & run down , has had a temperature between 39.4 & 39.9 all weekend .
He now has a bad cough due to all the phlegm on his chest (he is asthmatic) , have been managing him on Calpol & Calprofen intermittently .

He is fine dure in the day though not as much energy & at night he just goes right down , not moving and just led in front of the fire saying he is cold , he has had half a slice of toast since Thursday night but is drinking plenty of water .

I'm going to take him to the GP tomorrow if I can get an appointment else it will be ooh just wondering wether I should take him to the ooh now or if tomorrow will be ok

WellThatsLife Sun 14-Dec-14 23:30:53

Can he do a peak flow, if he can and you have a meter check it. Is he breathless when he's talking or using his shoulders or sucking his stomach when breathing. The other thing to look for is if his breathing is rapid.

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