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What is this rash?

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RoseberryTopping Sat 13-Dec-14 18:14:58

DS is running a fever, I think he has a virus. He's come out in this rash today, any ideas what it is?

Carryonconception Sat 13-Dec-14 18:17:01

Does it blanch under a glass?

RoseberryTopping Sat 13-Dec-14 18:20:45

No, it just stays looking the same.

mamababa Sat 13-Dec-14 18:26:56

Is it small ish spots, like a heat rash type thing or larger 'blotches' like hives/nettle rash? If the latter then it's urticaria, common in children with viral infection and it keeps disappearing and re-appearing in various places.

If the former as a PP said, does it go white when pressed with a glass? If not then call a doctor/NHS direct etc. is he unwell, complains of headache, aversion to light etc?

RoseberryTopping Sat 13-Dec-14 18:45:00

It's all over his back and chest, blotches on his cheek. It doesn't feel very rough, doesn't dissapear under a glass. It's only a slight rash, not instantly noticeable.
He's poorly from whatever virus he has, tired, hot and has a cough. He's not moaned about the light though.

IAmAPaleontologist Sat 13-Dec-14 18:50:13

on app so can't see bit from description especially cheek have you considered scarlet fever?

Showy Sat 13-Dec-14 18:50:22

Could be generic viral rash, with blotchy cheeks could be slapped cheek, but this is all guess work and with a non blanching rash, you probably should see somebody.

Showy Sat 13-Dec-14 18:54:44

I did wonder about scarlet fever but when dd had it, it was raised. Like sandpaper.

MeowImaCatfish Sat 13-Dec-14 18:56:06

I'd take him to your local out of hrs emergency surgery... Better safe than sorry, especially if he's already unwell x

IAmAPaleontologist Sat 13-Dec-14 19:01:21

True. Though ds1 has been doing a fine job of not showing typical symptoms so my perpective is a little skewed grin .

Agree on the main though, you need to hey it checked out. rashes need seeing.

RoseberryTopping Sat 13-Dec-14 19:11:01

It does look mostly like heat rash but he's not been itching. His cheeks don't look slapped either, it's more of all of his face that is red.

I've just tried a glass over it again snd it does go a bit. I need to find a wine glass or something really cos this glass is a bit thick to tell.

NK346f2849X127d8bca260 Sat 13-Dec-14 23:38:08

Will he let you look in his mouth? Is his tongue red/strawberry like?

Carryonconception Sat 13-Dec-14 23:43:18

sorry just saw answer. If it does;t blanche then you should go to a&e asap. Do not leave until morning. Better safe than sorry and they take any rash that does not blanche exceedingly seriously.

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