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Baby's feet

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Corster7 Thu 11-Dec-14 13:25:32

My son had his 6 week check this week, the doctor mentioned that his toes are not right and that we need to keep an eye on them as he grows.
Here's a pic of his big toe (it's always like this) all of them are like this on both feet.
Anyone know what this is?

Splinters Thu 11-Dec-14 22:25:54

Not exactly the same but my dd (22m) has little toes that curl inwards, pushing the others out of shape a little too. In her case it's clearly inherited from DH's brother who has never had problems from it. DD's toes are definitely straightening out a bit as she grows and walks (no probs walking either). We were referred to neonatal clinic at birth to check it wasn't a symptom of something more serious, then plastics clinic thought maybe it was an extra bit of bone/unusual formation -- but we opted out of x-rays etc as BIL is clearly fine and we just wanted to wait and see what happened as dd got older.

This may not be relevant, but just wanted to share experience of 'funny' feet that seem to be getting on ok. Hope you're not feeling too worried.

Corster7 Fri 12-Dec-14 06:18:35

Thank you for sharing your experience, I just wanted to know what it is.
HV said hammer toes but that doesn't normally effect the big toes and there all like this.
If all the toes are effected then it could indicate some nerve or nerolergy problem.
I guess I'll take him back to the gp so they can actually tell me what is going on.

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