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two year old with bad cold coughing until sick?

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inconceivableme Wed 10-Dec-14 21:48:16

My son's had a nasty cold / cough
since Monday. He had a fever the first-year couple of days but that's now eased. He has a very mucusy cough though which is worse at night. The past couple of nights he coughed until he's been sick, at least once. The coughing fits are scary and distressing for us all as he chokes and vomits. The previous two winters he's had a bout of bronchialitis and I'm wondering if he has it again. Will call GP in the morning but what can I do to help him before then?I've tried Olbas Oil, snufflebabe, a humidifier in his room etc. I've also tried telling him to spit the mucus out as he's old enough to understand me now, unlike in previous years, but he won't and shakes his head 'no'.
Help please?

Chimpola Wed 10-Dec-14 22:43:36

Poor thing. My DD coughed until she was sick earlier
Have you tried propping up his bed? (I put a pillow or a couple of cushions under the mattress)

joanna120387 Tue 16-Dec-14 02:15:28

Is his nose full? Usually if it is, the snots are going back and down the throat which causes them to cough.

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