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5 year old won't eat

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Deswal Wed 10-Dec-14 16:19:04

Hi everyone, i'm new to mums net and this is my last resort - i don't even know if i'm writing this in the correct forum.
My 5 year old son has never been a big eater. He started school in September this year and his appetite just dropped - he never eats his lunch in school.
He then had a very bad cold at the beginning of November and was given a course of antibiotics. After finishing the antibiotics, he has lost his appetite completely. He only has a glass of milk for breakfast, no lunch at school and only eats a yogurt (petit filous size) for his dinner. He is tired because he is not eating.
I have taken him to the doctors twice as he started being sick just at the sight of food and they have advised that as long as he is having fluid, it is ok for me to slowly start introducing solid food again, but he is still not eating anything.
The doctors have refused to refer me to a dietician too.

Has anyone else been through this or anything similar?
I just don't know what to do. I also have a 4 month old who i feel is suffering because both my husband and i spend our entire time just trying to feed our 5 year old.

moonrocket Wed 10-Dec-14 16:25:15

This must be so worrying for you.
I too have a 5yo who eats very poorly, he's so thin...
Could you tell me a little about meal routines so I can try and help?

Deswal Wed 10-Dec-14 16:31:17

My boy has always been on the chubby side and his weight is fine according to the doctors.
His routine before school and being ill was as follows:-
Breakfast - Glass of milk/toast with cheese, nutella, ham/banana/cereal
11am - Snack - fruit or a biscuit
Lunch & Dinner - Indian food mostly (chapattis/rice/veg curry/chicken curry). Occasionally had chicken nuggets/potato/fish fingers.

As he's never been a big eater, he would rarely snack.
His diet is no longer as above - he hasn't had a meal since over a week.
He loses a lot of energy at school so he just seems constantly tired. He is not good with trying new foods either.

moonrocket Wed 10-Dec-14 21:50:55

Could you put chopped-up fruit in his yoghurt?
Would he drink banana smoothie instead of just plain milk in the morning?
Is it chewing he doesn't like? Do things taste nasty after the anti-biotics, perhaps?
Do you sit down as a family to eat, or is he by himself? or on the sofa in front of the television, so distracted?
When you have a meal, do you plate-up the food for each person, or do you have serving dishes out, and people can take as much or as little as they want.
If you offer him, and ask him what he'd choose if he could choose aything in the world... would he say 'nothing' or would he suggest something? (not necessarily something you have, but at least expressing an interest in food).
If solids are making him sick, perhaps for now soups/blended food would be easier for him to sip?
It's good his weight isn't too low, but I know you won't want this going on for too long.
I know it's hard, but stepping-back and putting no pressure on him at all re food is going to be the best thing.
Otherwise, he'll start to use it as a control on you and your DH, particularly if there's been a huge change in the household (new baby- congratulations btw smile).

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