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Urgh, THE bug or not??

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yawningmum79 Mon 08-Dec-14 10:46:36

So, i was no sooner in bed last night when my youngest who is 3 came running along the hall to our bedroom and vomited all over my bedroom carpet...nice. Cue me sitting up until 1.30am until he was empty and fell asleep and i could put him back to bed. This was totally out of the blue as they usually are, but my question is this? My oldest who is 6, threw up suddenly ( but thankfully down the loo ) on Saturday after eating a small amount of soup. Now before he puked, he was running around and spinning etc so i just put that vomiting episode down to him mucking around and MAKING himself sick. He was only sick once and later ate a pizza for tea!!! Now this has happened to my youngest im wondering could this be a bug and my 6 year old had it first but just got rid of it quicker?? 3 year old is now bouncing around playing like nothing has happened whilst I am hot washing sheets and drinking lots of coffee!!

Any advice/thoughts?

Much appreciated!

wildernessagogo Mon 08-Dec-14 15:34:12

There seems to be a one puke bug going round my kids school - biscuit. Hope it's all over for your kids now!

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