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oakeleywoods Sun 07-Dec-14 19:11:55

Hi all my 2 mth old had 1st jabs on mon and has had constipation since
other twin has been fine! I have given him prune juice and he had a poo on wed since then nothing we went to the drs and he was given lactulose from fri.
I have tried exercises and reflexology

gingertreat Mon 08-Dec-14 09:11:35

make a lamb broth with some spices, also potatoes puree is good. Eat it. Also I suggest make a ginger drink (on mag of boiling water add half tsp of ginger powder or a bit of fresh ginger, boil for 5 min.. Drink it hot. YOu can add bit of honey.
I have 2 kids and only use natural remedies. They work.

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