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7 year old taking 45 mins on toilet and possible toilet avoidance

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krisskross Tue 02-Dec-14 13:46:09

Some of you may have seen my posts last week about my 7 year old DS taking ages on the loo, in pain and tears and my suspicion its due to hypermobility. Heres my original thread.

so-in desperation we saw a pediatric gastroenterologist privately. He thinks its possibly lots of small things coming together at the same time to cause problems- eg hypermobility and low level food intolerance (he has v mild eczema and ashtma).

he suggested that there may be some faeces in there (but not much as he can't feel it during external examination) and suggested we up the movicol for the next few weekends to clear him out. Also, he suggested one more blood test that would show if there was any inflammation in the bowel.

I am now beginning to wonder if there is a larger psychological element to this than we first thought. The reason being that
1) the problem occurs only at home- although it began before our summer hols it stopped on holiday and reoccured when we got home
2) it happens after breakfast and dinner, not after school lunch
3) He doesnt seem to do poos at school (he is in year 2) and in reception told us he didnt want to do one at school
4) He stayed with his grandma this weekend and did an early morning poo pretty happily with no drama

DS and me are at our wits end. This morning our lovely, happy boy was screaming at us when we asked him to get off the toilet for school, saying theres more in there (he has never soiled himself or leaked). i thought he was going to hit me. Eventually DH carried him off and downstairs. We had to physcially stop him going back in.

I dont know what to do- it feels as if this is dominating our entire life. Should i consider some kind of reward system? I want to find out why he is feeling like this and help, but i also want our happy family back and to be able to get us to school in the morning.

One more quick thing- he has a good diet, likes his teacher, does well at school but is a bit shy- plays happily in groups at school but does not have any special friends.

Thank you.

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