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Infant bright red thighs

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laurlou Mon 01-Dec-14 20:54:25

Hello, My daughter will be 2 in a few weeks. For the past few months I have noticed and also family/childcare have commented on my daughters thighs. The on and off go bright red at the top/ looks like her thighs have been slapped or burnt and is on both sides so symmetrical . When the redness is pressed her thighs feel cold or normal temp (rarely hot to touch) and the capillary refill time is increased (approx 7 seconds) I am able to press a white handprint in the area.

Sometime her cheeks hands feet and ears also go bright red but this doesnt concern me quite so much as her thighs do.

Due to the increased capillary refill she has been referred but Im looking at a 4 week minimum wait.

I have added some pics, however the redness doesnt show up as clearly in photos.

Please help/advise?



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