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Lack of Fever in bacterial infections

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kyz1981 Mon 01-Dec-14 20:19:31

My DD3 who is 12 months has had 3 infections that have been bacterial and never had more than a very slight rise in temp to say 37.6.

When she was 10 days old she had a UTI but no temp, we were kept in and she had IV antibiotics and never had a low temp either, they knew she had an infection as it grew on a culture, (They thought she had sepsis so had every test under the sun and was on AB straight away).

She has had Pneumonia with very mild 37.3 temp and now a throat infection with loads of puss but little to no temperature.

She has had viral colds and things in between and never had a temp with these either and all three infections were diagnosed by different drs so I doubt its a covering in case of an infection.

Just wondered if anyone had a child like this?

I asked the very nice GP today and he said that high temps were more likely viral and it was quite common with bacterial infections to have no temp, I have never heard this before and believed the opposite to be correct. (But he is a great GP and has a very good reputation).

Lonecatwithkitten Tue 02-Dec-14 09:12:44

My DD was like this under 12months more than 10 bacterial ear infections in her first year including a mastoid abscess, but never a temperature.
She is now a strapping 11 year old she has never caught D and V and rarely has a cold now.

kyz1981 Tue 02-Dec-14 10:11:56

lonecatwithkitten That's really good to know, I hope DD has an immune system like your DD when she is bigger.

Did your DD ever start to get temps when unwell when older?

DeWee Tue 02-Dec-14 15:12:42

Dd1 didn't run temperatures. She had pretty bad pneumonia without any rise at all.
Dd2 regualrly ran temperatures. I got used to not panicking if it was over 41-and it would stay there for about 3 days before it would gradually come down.
Ds is between the two. he does run temperatures, but in the 39s rather than over 40. Over 40 I do worry with him.

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