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hot legs at night- growing pains

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Atreelapse Mon 01-Dec-14 17:57:56

I wonder if anyone has any thoughts or experience with their toddler waking and complaining of "hot" legs at night?

My son had been complaining of sore knees at night, and particularly after an active day. He would wake, screaming. I thought this seemed pretty typical of growing pains. He doesn't complain during the day. As I said it seemed to be worse after a day of being very active.

However, recently he has been complaining of "hot" legs, and takes his pj bottoms off. He seems to be waking most nights (but then is doing a lot of running around during the day and he has a cold... but no fever) and settles (in my bed! but I don't know if he has realised that "painful legs means a cuddle in mummy's bed? but he seems genuine).The thing that seems bizarre is the "hot legs" description, he takes his j bottoms off so he gets what "hot" means.

He is doing really well in all other areas, and is fine running/walking, eating, thriving etc.

He could just be hot, but my duvet on our bed is much warmer yet he settles eventually after the tears...

Help! I aren't given him calpol... any thoughts?I'll be booking an appointment at the doctor and I'm pretty sure the staff will say "it's that neurotic mum again"!

Oh I meant to say I have just brought some well padded soled shoes for him too...

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