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DD recovering from chest infection, not eating, very weak - any advice

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Ginandcolic Sun 30-Nov-14 18:34:15


DD is 2.5yo. She has had a fever and cough since last Saturday, I took her to the GP on Tuesday, he said it was viral and would resolve.

She got even worse over night on Weds so I took her to A&E early Thurs morning where she was put on a nebuliser and IV antibiotics.

We stayed in for 48 hrs then discharged as her temp, heart rate, oxygen levels etc were all doing the right thing. Although she had not eaten since Tuesday, the Drs seemed pretty unconcerned.

I am still really worried though; she is exhausted and still not really eating.

My sensible brain says: although she has't eaten much since coming out of hospital, she has eaten more today than she did yesterday so that's good. She is drinking well - formula milk, water, ribena, apple juice (the no sugary drinks rule has vanished for now). Her cough is getting much better and she is finally able to sleep without being woken up hacking.

My neurotic brain says: she has only had three mouthfuls of toast, a cm of sausage and a postage size piece of marmite sandwich... and that's not enough!

She is really very tired (not surprising, last night was the first decent night's sleep either of us have had for a week); but does rally and make jokes / laugh / play with toys for very short periods of time.

She is in full on "NO" mode - nothing is right, good enough, what she wants. But I think that's better than floppy acceptance.

Should I be worried? When do I press the panic button and take her to the GP?

Thanks all for listening to me rant, I appreciate I might be overreacting / over thinking!


RockinHippy Mon 01-Dec-14 12:58:57

Her little body has taken a battering by the sounds if it & it's going to take a while to recover, I wouldn't worry too much just yet, as she sounds like she us drinking well.

Just keep doing what you are doing & introduce things like soup & smoothies to up her vitamin intake - smoothies with banana or avocado are especially good as both are superfood that's contain & good balance of nutrition on their own. Kids do tend to suddenly bounce back really quickly, so I'm sure she will soon be back to normal

Hope she is properly better real soon.

gingertreat Mon 01-Dec-14 13:45:31

It sounds like she is slowly getting better. In my view, she is still lucking energy (its not the same as calories). The energy that will help her to recover quickly and deal with weakened body. Make a broth on lamb with some vegetables and spices, let her drink it. Also, potatoes puree with some turmeric and ginger, salt and butter will help her too.

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