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Hives on toddler?

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greengoose Sun 30-Nov-14 10:52:04

My 15mth DS has had hives for a few weeks. They started as a few spots on his hand, then went away, then a few days later a couple of little raised blister type spots on his arm. They have come and gone, and I thought he had pinched himself, or touched something to get a little rash.
Then last week he had hives all over one bum cheek, and on his arms and knees. We went to doc, who said that it could be allergy, or virus, or nothing. He gave us antihistamines. They worked pretty well, and he was back to only a few little patches, then they went away altogether. We stopped the med, as doc suggested, and for a week nothing. Then last night he was covered, worse than ever and on his face too.
He isn't at all uncomfortable, they don't itch as far as I can tell. They never last for more than a few hours, and they 'move' around his body. The only tigger I can think of is heat, when he is cuddled into us asleep this seems to trigger the rash, but not always! He isn't getting them around his mouth, but doc did explain to be careful about airways swelling. We have given him med again, and they have calmed for now...
We will go back to doc tomorrow morning, but I wondered if this is something anyone has come across? (I'm in a bit of a panic, J is my rainbow baby after loosing his sister, and I struggle with keeping things in proportion when he is poorly.... But it does look scary to see his little body covered in blotches.)

gingertreat Sun 30-Nov-14 11:14:56

This is very common symptom this time of the year in kids. Please do not panic. See doc. but one thing you can do is to change his diet. What is his general health condition and what does he eats and drink?
You must always remember medications are temporary solutions and do not treat the cause of the problem. To get rid of the problem you need to find out the cause. Unfortunately, our doctors treat causes which you can see already - after some time - have side effects. And frankly speaking - do not solve the problem. I have learn all these when my little son had spots all over his body. We went through this but lucky for me I understood, where the problems was. You can get philosophy of health by a ciesielska from amazon. It explains lot about the causes. best wishes

greengoose Sun 30-Nov-14 11:30:02

Thank you Gingertreat.
He has a good diet, he eats meat and has dairy, and has what our family eats which is mainly organic and home cooked. He is still BF too. He's obviously got a preference for meat and things that need chewed just now, but nothing has changed significantly.
He did have his jabs a few days before his first little rash on his hand, and was a little poorly at the time, so perhaps it's that going through his system still, it can knock them a little.

(I tend to be very 'mainstream' in my medical views, so don't believe in homeopathy etc, this is very much the result of having a little girl who was so poorly and still being given advice about trying things that simply wouldn't have helped her. I do respect other people think differently, but would appreciate avoiding a discussion about alternative treatments, thanks).

greengoose Sun 30-Nov-14 13:23:28

Bumping in the hope of some replies.... smile

greengoose Sun 30-Nov-14 20:04:51

Bumping for evening crowd, anyone?

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