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8 year old: sensory hallucinations, what causes them?

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johnwinstonlennon Sat 29-Nov-14 02:07:28

hello there!
yesterday my 8 year old said to me "don't shout", but I was speaking at a normal volume. then he said the room was gigantic and he felt tiny. he was scared -who wouldn't be!-, so he asked me to put a video on as a distraction. last saturday early evening he had a low fever on and off until sunday morning. the following day he said he could hear loud noises "in his head" but couldn't describe them accurately. but he said they were scary, that they were the same noises he hears when he has nightmares. he had a basic neurological test by a er paedriatrician yesterday, everything was fine. of course I turned to the internet and apparently this sort of thing can be triggered by anxiety. I explained to him that throat -he had a sore throat with the fever- and ears are connected, so the loud noise was probably because he had been sick to his throat. to make matters worse, today he had quite a nose bleed -his first- at school. I guess my question is: how do you know if hallucinations have an emotional -anxiety- or a neurological/physical cause?

johnwinstonlennon Sat 29-Nov-14 02:08:43

I forgot to mention: my English is a bit off because my first language is Spanish. thank you!

YeGodsAndLittleFishes Sat 29-Nov-14 02:18:01

Great question. I wish I knew the answer! Have yiu considered taking him to see a psychiatrist or someone who could assess his hallucinations other than purely a neurological test (what kind of test was it?)

johnwinstonlennon Sat 29-Nov-14 02:46:41

he's currently doing psychotherapy with a psychiatrist. he was very angry last year -hating school, being disrespectful to adults/authority figures etc-, so school suggested I take him to therapy. he went to see a female psychologist for most of the year. she said he had oppositional defiant disorden. she then suggested that he see a psychiatrist as she thought he would benefit from taking drugs. I told her ok but that first thing I was going to say to the psychiatrist was "no drugs". I liked the guy so much that I decided that my son went for psychoterapy with him instead. appointments are on Mondays, so I would find out what he thinks then. I suppose I will also take my son to see an ear, nose and throat paedriatic doctor for a thorough examination. I hope I will not need to take him to a neurologist...

johnwinstonlennon Sat 29-Nov-14 02:50:38

the neurological test was the usual "close your eyes and put your arms straight forward, move your tongue to one side and then the other one, jump on one foot, jump on the other foot, squeeze my finger, now with the other hand" etc etc etc.

YeGodsAndLittleFishes Sat 29-Nov-14 02:55:51

Wow, that is so great that he has been seeing a psychologist for so long and will now have psychotherapy with the psychiatrist. I hope you can get some answers there on Monday, it will be good to ask him as he knows your son and has the case notes etc. It is great that your son is able to communicate so well with you. A lot of parents are so frightened by such things that it puts their children off from talking about it and so they dont get the help they need early.

speechiesusie Sat 29-Nov-14 19:45:50

When I was a child, if I was poorly I would get this same thing where I felt tiny in the room. Nothing auditory but definitely the weird tiny thing, and only when I was ill.

I googled it as an adult and found others had experienced the same.

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