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3 year - viral asthma.

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Weazy123 Thu 27-Nov-14 20:27:33

Hi, my little lad has had two overnight stays in hospital this month due to viral asthma.

The last one - this week has really freaked me out, because I don't think I grasped how ill - or was he??

He woke up wheezing - stomach being sucked in really fast and really breathless. He couldn't say a whole sentence without stopping to breathe. I gave him 6 puffs of ventolin, and there was no noticeable difference. So, I called the gp and was asked to go to a&e.

When we got there - his oxygen was 87, respiratory was 45 and heart rate was 150. They gave him oxygen and 3 nebulizers and steroids.

What scares me is I didn't panic or even rush to a&e. Can anyone give me some insight into what happened? Was it bad?

Sirzy Thu 27-Nov-14 21:05:31

You may not have paniced, but you did exactly the right thing in noticing the problem and seeking attention. From what you have described all I would have done differently is go straight to A and E and skip the GP but thats where you ended anyway and I would imagine next time you will know to go straight there.

I would make an appointment now to see your GP to discuss preventer medication or if he already has some how to change it to try to reduce the attacks.

There is an asthma parents thread on here so feel free to join us we are very good at supporting each other through the tough times!

gingertreat Fri 28-Nov-14 09:50:11

You need to be in contact with your doc. but I would also advice you to watch his food.
We can so much improve by changing and moderating what we eat.
I can tell you - excess of raw fruits in this season is not helping him.

mewkins Sat 29-Nov-14 21:56:27

Ginger, sorry for hijacking but what are the foods to avoid? Thanks

ovaltine Sat 29-Nov-14 21:57:59

Avoid dairy as makes asthma worse. They should send you to see a specialist too

mewkins Sat 29-Nov-14 22:00:33

Yes I need to make an asthma clinic appointment.

gingertreat Sun 30-Nov-14 10:13:14

Mewkins, my friend's 3 year old son has been admitted to hospital with asthma attack about 2 months ago.
AFter the visit, The mum of child understood that long term prevention and help for the boy was change of food. Taking steroids and other medications will release him temporarily, but have also huge side effect.
We decided to change the food: morning - quinoa porridge (as the child also has eczema), she cooks for him different soups (veg + meat), occasionally - rice. Only seasonal vegetables and fruits. All cooked for now and balanced with spices. Elimination of milk and diary products, sugar (he can take bit of honey instead), sour food products (spinach, tomatoes, chicken). I found all the info in philosophy of health by a.ciesielska (amazon). I know it works as my also son got much better with it.

May09Bump Sun 30-Nov-14 10:23:58

We had the same with our 5yr old, I have now bought an oxygen level reader - he was having trouble breathing and we took him to A&E, he was actually worse than he was displaying symptoms. He was trying to get on the trampoline FFS.

His allergist believes it was a mixture of seasonal allergies and a viral infection. He had a nebuliser and oxygen throughout the two day stay and then on ventolin 10 puffs reducing over the week.

I would also get him checked for allergies, alongside the asthma clinic.

MrsHoolie Sun 30-Nov-14 22:57:06

My DS (4) has asthma and often I'm not sure whether he needs to go into hospital or not.
However,if their chest is going in and out then definitely take them in as that means they're struggling. Last time we were in A&E his oxygen levels were fine but he still needed the steroids and 10 blue puffs X 3!
Also,if he's having more than 4 puffs in a row and still struggling then take him in.
I also bypass the GP but that's usually because the asthma is worse in the night.

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