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JaneAHersey Thu 27-Nov-14 16:58:21

"In care. The very phrase sounds comforting, reassuring, enveloping. The reality can be far from it. For Alex Wheatle care meant being beaten with hairbrushes or spoons, anything the carer had to hand" Channel 4.

I am amazed that anyone can say that 'In Care' sounds comforting and reassuring. As a child in the 50's and 60's I was in Care in homes and fostered. 'The very phrase for me is traumatic.' It goes to show that in a complacent and abusive society nothing changes.

The main reason children go into care is because they are neglected. 50% of children who are currently neglected have parent/s who were neglected themselves. Families need resources, education and support not vilification and prejudice. Families need to be helped so that their children are not farmed out and pushed from pillar to post. But Care services are big business and as privatisation pushes forward the emphasis on greed and profit will be more pronounced.

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