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3yo nosebleed then vomiting following day?

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car1sberg Wed 26-Nov-14 13:02:00


My 3yo had his first nosebleed during the night 2 nights ago, it didn't last long, from one nostril, and wasn't excessive I'd say.

All fine until an hour ago, he just vomited all over, a fair amount. He had breakfast this morning but hadn't wanted lunch, obviously I now know why. He's pale but okay now, having a cuddle. Actually just been sick again sad

What I'm wondering is, could the nosebleed and vomiting be linked? Or just coincidence, and this is just a typical sickness bug? Should I be worried or take him to a walk in?


Lilybensmum1 Wed 26-Nov-14 13:06:13

I suspect it's just coincidence, there are a lot if sickness bugs at the moment. My dd is off school with one today. If you are concerned you could phone 111 and get advice. Hope he feels better soon.

car1sberg Wed 26-Nov-14 13:11:09

Thank you. Hope your LO feels better soon too x

saintsandpoets Wed 26-Nov-14 13:15:48

I don't think they are related whatsoever.

PJ67 Thu 27-Nov-14 00:02:46

Sounds like a coincidence. My 3 sons have all had sickness bug in the last two weeks. Sick one day fine the next and sick again the next. Hope he feels better soon.

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