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Constipation/trapped wind in toddler

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Ijustworemytrenchcoat Wed 26-Nov-14 11:32:53

Had a few interrupted nights with 15 month old. Some down to teething, but I am really worried about this now and can't get a Drs appointment. I have to phone at 8 tomorrow again.

Twice now on non consecutive nights my son has woken in the early hours and been difficult to console. He seems like he can't get comfortable and is thrashing around, he is pumping a lot so I thought it was trapped wind. When I felt his belly it was really hard so I took him downstairs both times to cycle his legs and massage his belly. When I hold him he is calm, but then starts crying again and if I try to put him down once he is calm he kicks out and clings on to me. He is obviously distressed and in pain at these times and I don't know how to help him sad. When he is eventually calm enough to put down I have left him but when I go to check on him he isn't sleeping/resting but sat bolt upright staring at the walls.

For background info - diet is generally fine, but he has been slowly getting more fussy, cutting out scrambled eggs/fish pie/chilli etc. which he used to love. I have upped pears, strawberries, dried apricots to try to help. Generally poos once a day sometimes skips a day. Sometimes he strains but there is nothing in his nappy. Has recently had a few loose nappies and I thought he maybe had a bug but am worried now it is actually constipation. Oddly a couple of weeks back I checked on him before I went to bed and could smell poo and had to change him in the middle of the night two nights in a row. He never normally poos through the night.

gingertreat Wed 26-Nov-14 12:09:11

There is definitely some problem with his digestion.
If you could make a carrot soup for him with some spices. Also, cut all the raw fruits for now. You can also make a lamb broth (if he would be able to drink a bit).

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