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Kids' electric toothbrushes

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fasterthanthewind Mon 24-Nov-14 14:40:40

Am considering a Mass Investment in electric toothbrushes, but there are too many choices - help me please!

So, current set-up: 5 of us, DCs are 2, 5, 7. Each person has their own manual toothbrush, and we have a single electric (braun) one, which theoretically has an adult and a child head, but the heads aren't regularly swapped, and it's erratically used. I know sharing toothbrushes is a bad idea... mass investment is intended to address this...

5 and 7 year old mostly brush their own teeth; 2 year old has his brushed, and is a holy terror - bites brushes and ruins them.

What should we get? And once we have got, how on earth do we store/charge them? Bathroom is TINY (floor is 6x2.5', and the loo and basin come out of that space). One small shelf near shaver unit, but towel rail is above that, so things get knocked off... Special holder? Can you get chargers that take more than one brush??

And then - is sonic worth it? really? just for adults or kids as well? and finally - should the 2 year old have one at all? is it better to learn to brush properly (manual), or to get teeth really clean (electric)??

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