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Proctosedyl applied on baby in error

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Brodicea Fri 14-Nov-14 19:47:55

Our 6mo DD has eczema on her neck and legs - went to the Dr today to see if OK to resume hydrocortisone treatment (we applied it for a week back in August and we still had most of a tube left) as her neck and legs are very red and itchy again. Before bath time I told DH I would show him where the tube was, but we both forgot and it looks like he has accidentally applied my 'bum cream' Proctosedyl, instead! This also contains hydrocortisone: I have checked online and it looks like babies can use it, but only on bum holes. He only applied it very lightly. She doesn't seem to have had a reaction... Do you think as she hasn't had a reaction, it's probably OK? He would have applied very little....

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