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Milk intake

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sizzlingsam01 Thu 13-Nov-14 13:35:30

My daughter is eight months old (on 8th November). She is a small baby born at 5lbs 8 1/2oz. SHe currently weighs 15lbs 8 and is on target for her weight. I just want some reasurrance about the amount of milk she has. I know the government reccomend that she has 20oz a day however each baby will differ slightly. I am very lucky and my daughter is a late riser between 9am and 10am. I normally give her her milk first then about half an hour later her Breakfast, which already contains milk i just have to add water. The past few days she has been waking at 5.30am having 5oz milk bottle- only drinks 4oz and then goes back to sleep and has breakfast about 11am as she wakes again at 10.30am. About 1-2pm I then give her lunch....sometimes baby food or even our food if I have cooked in batches followed by a dessert sometimes which is a yoghurt. She normally has a morning nap inbetween her breakfast and lunch. Then mid afternoon about 4pm she has another 5oz and then evening meal and then 5oz before bed. She does sometimes leave 1oz of milk in her bottle. So roughly she has 13-14 oz a day. Is this enough? She appears happy and contented in fact everybody comments how happy and relaxed she is. By the way i do offer water with solids and she has a few sips maximum.

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