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taffmann Wed 12-Nov-14 12:08:38

Good day
I am planning on opening a fitness centre for children aged 5-15. It will promote fitness for all ages ranging from trampolines, gym equipment, interactive equipment, studios, spinning etc

The interactive equipment ranges from Interactive walls and floors, PS4 Bikes, interactive stations where they learn as they train, mats, cardiowalls - which have lights to aid speed, agility and fitness.

The gym equipment would only be hydraulic and not weight stacks. This is very beneficial for children as the only weight they use is their own body weight. It also works both ways - meaning pushing and pulling works different muscles groups

The studios will offer circuit training, soft play, assault courses etc

Spinning studios will be like little disco rooms with up to date music

As most children are at school during the day the club would be open to mums/toddlers and schools for PE lessons

Would also have lovely coffee lounge, smoothie bar and viewing gallery to see into gym area

I am really after feedback to thoughts on the idea, anything missed, anything to improve ... all thoughts very welcome. Really appreciate your assistance
thank you

BackforGood Wed 12-Nov-14 23:42:14

Sounds lovely, but there's a big question mark in my mind as I presume to provide all that would cost £££ so that would limit your possible market. I would guess where you decided to open would be crucial.

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