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Worried about Spots on LO face

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kellywood89 Tue 11-Nov-14 10:02:22

Hi I'm just after a little advice about some spots my son has, I know it's going to be a little hard commenting without seeing them but I'm just wondering if anyone has any experience they can share.
Going back 2 weeks ago my son was admitted to hospital for a night after I took him to out of hours and they discovered he had tonsillitis which was quite bad that his tonsils were touching, they put him straight on a iv and discharged us the next day with antibiotics. His antibiotics finished last week and he has really perked up and is pretty much back to his normal self, until Sunday morning he woke with a big red raised spot on his cheek, a few smaller ones scattered on his face and lots of tiny but not red spots very close together on his forehead. He seems well in himself (very energetic and eating and drinking) but is very snotty with a slight cough and his voice is slightly different I think due to his snotty nose. Monday morning a few more had appeared In the night, they look similar to chicken pox but he has already had this and they don't seem to be appearing as quickly as chicken pox. I took him to gp yesterday and was told his tonsils were still enlarged but they didn't know what the spots were, they said they think it may be flea bites and prescribed antibiotics because of his throat and because one spot looked a little yellow and crusty. They also took a swab but I won't receive the results till Thursday. I felt so disappointed leaving as I know There is no way these spots could be flea or insects bites, I have no pets and he hasn't been anywhere with animals, it's been to wet to play outside and no one else in the house is suffering, surely if these were bites they wouldn't just be effecting his face, my daughter is 9 months old and spends alot of time on the carpets and she's fine, his spots arent itchy but they hurt to the touch and they only seem to be appearing during the night, his bed, matteress and pillow and quilt are about 6 months old and his covers are always fresh on, I'm just so baffled as to what these spots are and really annoyed the doctor couldn't give me more of an insight and just palmed me of with antibiotics. I can't let my son return to school until I have a proper diagnosis for his spots, I was going to ask for a second opinion but the doctor who saw him called in the skin doctor because he was unsure and the skin doctor was the same so if I take him back to the gp chances are it would be opinions from the same people.

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