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Any HFAM moms out there? Advice needed pls

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VJsmom Mon 10-Nov-14 21:03:13

Ds 18 months has totally not been himself past 3 days. Waking up uber early, before 5 and he is a 6:30 baby so big shock to system! He has had a rash around his mouth (little red pimples) which doc said was viral/dry skin. He has just finished abs for ear infection.

He has been inconsolable a few times this weekend and really off his food. I have noticed he has been stroking his tongue as if a hair is on it but its not.

Food that does pass his laps.soon gets spat out. He had an awfully red bum and cheeks with a bumpy feel to them when I picked him up from nursery. This lasted until yesterday.

Has slight temp of 38.2.

Docs today and he said ears fine atm but didnt look in his mouth.

Tonight he has point blank refused his milk and it has taken us nearly two hours to settle him. We eventually brought him downstairs and he fell asleep on his dads lap.

I'm convinced this is the early days of hfam from what ive read. There has been a few kids at nursery who have come down with it.

Can anyone relate to this as being hfam? Am taking him back to the docs tomorrow.


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