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12 month old sleep/wind problems

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MrsMuskett Mon 10-Nov-14 20:50:43

Sorry but this is long winded and all over the place.

My 12 mo boy wakes screaming with what seems like wind, legs kicking, hates being on his back etc. When I pick him up he settles in my arms but as soon as I put him down he screams again, hes trying to sleep bless him, but just can't. Some nights when I can't settle him, I bring him down to play for half hour, he trumps and burps a few times then he goes back to sleep, all ok again. Then other nights, usually 3-4 in a row he'll sleep without any problems, then I get 7-10 nights of disrupted sleep again.
This has been going on for a few months, food in general doesn't seem to be the issue, as its hit and miss on the nights he doesnt sleep, and he seems to have taken to cows milk ok, and this has been going on before I introduced it. In general he's fine, poos fine, plays well, naps well, eats well etc, and he's fine all day its just through the night and I'm head scratching as to what it could be?? Half way through a bottle of gripe that makes him burp and trump in the day more but doesn't seem to effect him at night.
I read somewhere that it maybe something they grow out of, and I am going to take him to see the gp, but wondered if any one has had this or know anything that may help xx

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