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Phenergan and Bedwetting?

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vvviola Mon 10-Nov-14 10:58:16

Poor DD2 (3.2) has had a bad couple of weeks: cut under her nose - impetigo - very bad impetigo - conjunctivitis caused by the impetigo - allergic reaction to antibiotoc given to sort out impetigo. Then steroids and antihistamines to sort all that out. In the end she was prescribed phenergan to try to sort the itch at night.

She is now on the mend, finally, but every night since she's started the phenergan she has wet the bed (we're now at 4 in a row, when previously we were at 1 every 10 days or so, usually when she was over tired. She's only been out of night time nappies about a month)

Has anyone any experience of this happening with phenergan? Or is it just another unrelated wrinkle?

And at what stage do I give up and put her back in night time nappies? There's only so much washing I can do, but I know she'll be really upset about going back to nappies as she was really chuffed about being like her big sister and not needing any nappies any more.

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