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Baby eczema

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Aradia Mon 10-Nov-14 10:23:29

My 7 month old DD has developed eczema on her face since weaning, all round her nose and mouth and it looks dreadful. I have been using e45 and hydrocortisone cream from the doctor but it is just getting worse. What can I do? I try not to use wipes on her face and she doesn't have it anywhere else.

ElloGuvnor Mon 10-Nov-14 21:41:50

My DD developed eczema on her face at about a year old, GP prescribed hydrocortisone and moisturiser but it just got worse.
We messed about for years with mild creams until the eczema got really bad, once she was referred to a dermatologist he prescribed a stronger steroid to use over a short period, continuing with a milder one after that. He also recommended different moisturisers and gave advice on how to use them correctly. I also found helpful advice on
I advise you to go back to your GP, eczema is itchy and sore and can easily become infected. Don't feel, like I did, that you are making a fuss over a minor thing. Best of luck in finding a treatment to help your little DD.

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