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cheerful toddler aftera night of vomiting

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Polyethyl Sat 08-Nov-14 08:19:15

She's 21 months. She vomited extensively between 1 am and 3 am. She woke up cheerful and toddled off to DH, then came back to wake me with her xylophone. She asked for breastmilk, which she subsequently projectile vomited over my bed. Now she's happily playing again.

You've got to laugh! As you strip the bedsheets. Pillows will need to go to the dry cleaners. Cuddly toys, towels, all her sets of pyjamas need to be laundered. And the carpets need to be scrubbed.

when do I dare offer her food?

when can I be confident it's over?

She's hiccuping now.

ReeseWithoutHerSpoon Sun 09-Nov-14 08:10:44

How long is a piece of string?! DD (2 last month) has had three sickness bugs since start of September. First one, vomitted for three days but was asking for --demanding- food in between. Second two were just one episode of sickness then fine after that.

I'm fed up of toddlers and sick. I seem to have inherited a particularly vommy one.

EverythingsRunningAway Sun 09-Nov-14 08:18:38

If she still vomiting breastmilk, I wouldn't be offering her food for a while.

Maybe wait until she can keep some breastmilk down?

Or water?

Getting fluids into her is the priority.

My kid is a happy puker too. She vomits all over herself and then rolls over and goes back to sleep.

It can be pretty horrifying to walk into her room in the morning to be greeted by the smiling face of a vomit monster. And the stench! grin

ReeseWithoutHerSpoon Sun 09-Nov-14 09:42:44

Without wishing to hijack the thread too much, it's good to hear that there are other kids who just seem to puke for no apparent reason. I was rarely sick as a child, and hate it now as an adult (who doesn't?!) but DD seems to be sick once, sleep for a few hours then is fine afterwards. Last time she did it I was in tears panicking it was my fault (I know, but you blame yourself for everything don't you?) but now I just think it's something she's going to do.

NoMarymary Sun 09-Nov-14 21:41:02

Sounds like a bug. The advice is not to stop breastfeeding although that applies to a baby. Offer her plenty of water. Don't bother with food just yet just keep up with the breastfeeding. If she pukes some of it stays down. Don't worry unless she has significantly fewer wet nappies or becomes drowsy.

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