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Swollen eyes

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MrsmummyWright Thu 06-Nov-14 18:57:44

My ds who will be two in January woke up from his nap this afternoon with swelling above both eye lids he seems perfectly fine and has recently had conjunctivitis I'm phoning the dr in the morning to see if I can get him seen just don't know if I'm worry about nothing .
What do guys think?
Thank in advance

SarahCraine Fri 07-Nov-14 03:53:14

There are many causes of swollen eyes. So I recommend to let your eye doctor evaluate your kid's condition to determine what may have caused it, so she will be treated with the proper medication. But for now, make sure that she avoids touching, rubbing or even staring at it. She may be curious about it and be tempted to touch it. You can try some alternatives like cold cloth, anti-inflammatory creams and ice packs. Also avoid artificial sweeteners and salt.

MrsmummyWright Fri 07-Nov-14 12:43:20

I had him at the drs first thing and dr thinks it a combination of conjunctivitis and an allergy so we have some medicines and it has gone down a lot x

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