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Adrenal fatigue in children

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nlpreston Thu 06-Nov-14 12:20:20

DS8's hair mineral analysis indicates that he has adrenal fatigue. Makes sense as he has many of the symptoms (sugar cravings, hard to wake but big bout of energy in the evening). We have an appointment with our nutritionist next week but in the mean time hoping to learn from others what type of treatment is best for children his age (already cutting down activities and trying to create less stress as well as cutting down further on refined foods.)

Artandco Thu 06-Nov-14 13:09:07

I would try a high protein diet. Not to high but make sure protein at every meal as will help with sugar cravings and energy levels. Eggs and Greek yogurt good at breakfast .

Also look at vitamins. But I would get doctor to test first what vitamins he is low in and advise what's best to take

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