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Temp 39.7, but I feel like a wally

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pookamoo Mon 03-Nov-14 15:54:52

DD2 (3) has a temp of 39.7. I have just dosed her with calpol and she is sleeping on DH on the sofa. She's been getting progressively more floppy all day. I have a dr's appointment for 4.50pm for her.

Last night she had what i am now assuming are nightmares induced by a fever, although I thought night terrors at the time (first time she's had anything of the sort), she was very hot and sweaty, and complained of a sore head.

Rang 111 because of the high temp and sore head, they said she should see gp within 24 hours, hence appointment.

I always feel like a neurotic mother when I take the DC to the doctor. It's not because I want a "cure" necessarily, just that I can't see inside their ears/head/eyes (for example) and want to get them checked. I am not taking them in hoping for antibiotics - I know they are not a cure all and for each of the few times I take my DC in, there are probably 10 other times I just let their poorly days run their course with cuddles and calpol.

A couple of weeks ago same dd was screaming in pain from her ear, so I got her a same day appointment, by which time she was totally fine. hmm

I felt like a wally. Reassure me I am not just being neurotic?

WD41 Mon 03-Nov-14 15:59:00

Of course you're not being neurotic. She's only 3 and it's quite a high temp. As you say the GP can look in her ears etc.

Hope she's on the mend soon...and you know that she'll perk up as soon as you get to the surgery!

joosiewoosie Mon 03-Nov-14 15:59:04

Not a wally at all. Your child, your responsibility to look after. Never make apologies for looking out for your little one, even if others think you are being over protective.
Hope she gets what is needed from the Dr and is in the mend soon!

pookamoo Mon 03-Nov-14 16:11:22

She will perk up, won't she? She'll have had a good sleep and the calpol will have kicked in.

She hates going to the doctors', I don't know why, it's a new thing. I am going to have to tell her we're going to the shops! sad
She also hates medicine, but that's another story entirely.

Thank you.

pookamoo Mon 03-Nov-14 20:30:29

Poor DD2, we had an hour's wait in the Dr's surgery with her ending up stripped off and lying on me. She has tonsilitis, it turns out.

Thank you for your reassurance.

froootbat Tue 04-Nov-14 07:17:54

Oh bless her, I hope she feels better really soon, tonsillitis is pants!

pookamoo Thu 06-Nov-14 23:58:41

I started this thread on Monday, and DD2 had been poorly since late on the Sunday night.

She got antibiotics, which she has been reluctantly taking, along with Calpol / Calprofen, but she still seems really poorly. She hasn't slept well at night, and she has had long sleeps in the day. When she woke this afternoon she was shivery and feverish, and so, so sad and clingy and complaining of a headache. sad

How long should I leave it before I take her back to the doctors' ?
She finally went down to sleep with me cuddling her at about 9.30 this evening, but has been unsettled and hot again.

I really don't like it when they are poorly.

Pancakeflipper Fri 07-Nov-14 00:04:58

go back, it might take a different anti-bi.

They will not think you are an OTT mother, she is not improving so please return.

pookamoo Fri 07-Nov-14 00:11:02

I will phone them tomorrow morning. Thanks Pancake.

They must get their share of OTT mums, and people who just think that whatever's wrong a course of antibiotics will sort it out.

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