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Nephew with CMT

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SpuffySummers Mon 03-Nov-14 08:56:43

Hi all.

My DNeph was diagnosed with Charcot Marie Tooth earlier this year. He is 4, will be 5 in March. Its inherited from his "Dad" who has it, along with his Dads brother and Dads Mother. None of them have ever had any contact with DNeph through their own choice. DSis is only 22 and struggling with it, seeing her son in pain, tripping up etc etc.

Neurologist and physio have insisted he has a wheelchair, which arrived last week, all pimped up Spiderman style and me and DSis have made a big fuss about how cool it is etc and he loves it.

DSis and I went on a very rare night out on Saturday, and our mother babysat. I am NC with her and have been for the better part of 12 years as shes a toxic narc. She sent a barrage of abusive texts about how he doesn't need a wheelchair and how DSis is lazy etc. DSis obviously burst into tears. I took the phone from her and sent a text back saying that the highly qualified specialists had decided on the wheelchair and that we would be taking their advice over that of a woman with zero education who barely sees her Grandson. DNeph only has 2 pairs of non ripped jeans as he falls over quite a lot and tears them, so she then started sending her abuse about that. DSis is a lone parent on benefits and to get to any shops its £6 bus fare, besides that he has just started school full time and so has ripped several pairs of school trousers which DSis has replaced immediately as priority over jeans as he needs school trousers 5 days a week.

I am angry and sad on DSis behalf. I have DNeph every other weekend to sleep over and spend time with his cousins, my DDs, we are all very close, it gives DSis a well deserved break mentally and physically and DNeph loves it here.

I just wish that she could disengage from toxic Mother and not give a flying fuck what her "opinions" are.

SpuffySummers Mon 03-Nov-14 08:59:58

Just to add: my DDs were with their Dad, not our toxic mother.

Not sure why I am starting thread, other than needing to vent.

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