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Mold on wooden toys

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Lovedandexhausted Mon 03-Nov-14 00:07:46

Hello. I am living in a very damp house (separate issue)

My daughter's toys are mostly wooden some had developed patches of mold. I had been wiping them with a solution of bleach. I thought this was enough but another mum said she would dump them. There is an entire train set and many toys that smell a bit fruity but only three or four that developed fluffy mold, one is my daughter's favourite toy. She is 2 so doesn't mouth them.

I read mold spores will die without moisture so when I move they will be ok?

catzpyjamas Mon 03-Nov-14 00:18:16

I wouldn't dump them but you could try using white vinegar to remove the mould rather than Bleach. It's non toxic and you can keep mould from regrowing if you spray with vinegar every few days. Buy the white vinegar spray from poundland!

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