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reintroducing food after a sickness bug

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bessie26 Sat 01-Nov-14 21:21:00

We've had an eventful half term away with all 3 DC going down with a sickness bug (along with another couple of people we were staying with)

DC3(6.5m) was sick last monday morning, but he's been ok since - happy & definately no concerns about him getting dehydrated.

He's been having shorter, but more frequent feeds (bm roughly every 3hours) as he was sick again on weds after a longer feed & I assumed it was too much for his poorly tummy. He started solids about 4 weeks ago, so I've also been giving him occasional very small meals of mashed up banana or cooked apple.

When we got home yesterday I gave him half a Ella's kitchen pouch of pureed veg which he loved, so this morning I gave him half a weetabix with some cow's milk. About 3 hours later it all came back up (made a nice mess on mum's sofa)

So.... do you think it was the dairy? (too much too soon?) - it seems like it took quite a long time to come back up?

Or is it another bug? I'm wondering whether I need to keep him away from the other DC :-(

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