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10 months son with ongoing cough

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bassmonster Sat 01-Nov-14 19:45:35

Hello all,
my 10 months old son has had a cough for nearly 10 weeks now. at times it's a dry cough and other times phlegmy. we took him doctors around 8 9 weeks ago and was told that it will clear up but can take time. we then visited docs about a month later as there was not improvement but was told the same that it will take time for cough to clear. however, 3 days ago he had a fever and he had a hacking cough and we took him to docs again and he was prescribed anti biotics as there hasn't been any improvement. Fever has gone now.

I'm rather concerned that it may turn into something more serious as yet, no improvement even though he's now on his 4th day of anti biotics.

has anyone experienced this with their little one? am i being too anxious? is there anything we can do at home?

Thank you for any advice..

(very worried daddy)

bassmonster Thu 06-Nov-14 12:07:20


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