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Dental treatment phobia?

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doyourworst Thu 30-Oct-14 17:42:18

DD, who is 6 and a half, was told last November she needed a filling (apparently her teeth have more than the average amount of fissures so are particularly vulnerable - she doesn't have a lot of sweets). She had a total meltdown in the dentist chair and couldn't be treated. We tried again a month or so later, same result. He said he would need to refer her to be sedated as she was so distressed (shaking and crying inconsolably) but later found out that apparently that's no longer acceptable practice for children under 12. She has been taken a further 2 times but they just put flouride in as she is so stressed out. There is no historical reason why she has developed this fear, I'm not sure where it's come from.

She is now starting to show discomfort during teeth cleaning and has another appointment in a few weeks time. Anyone else had any experience of this and got any advice?

TheysayIamparanoid Fri 31-Oct-14 01:48:14

Oh your poor DD. Dental phobia is a nightmare, I know- I have (had) it

My dentist does relaxation techniques and that definitely put me at ease! I'm not sure if they do this for children, but its worth asking flowers

doyourworst Fri 31-Oct-14 10:12:42

Thanks theysayIamparanoid - I'll ask. smile

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