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Baby constipation - how to help and when to go to GP?

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Flingmoo Thu 30-Oct-14 09:28:22

DS is constipated after recently starting solids. Tried giving him prune puree yesterday, raisin and dried apricot puree the day before, and so far all I've seen is one hard pellet in his nappy sad Is there still time for the prunes to kick in?

He hasn't been since Monday and I can't see how there's room in his little tummy for all the milk and pureed lunches he's happily been having... He's been really unsettled at nap times and I'm wondering if it's tummy discomfort.

Any other tips on getting the poo out...?! He is only just learning to get sips of water from a cup. I'm worried. I think I really need to call the GP or HV don't I?

Jessbags001 Thu 30-Oct-14 16:19:53

If its a hard pellet it does sound like constipation...

No harm in talking to the hv/gp - i's what they're there for and will put your mind and rest getting it checked out. In the mean time, water water water! All those little sips will add up!

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