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Please help!

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Taler Wed 29-Oct-14 21:35:51

My nearly 1 year old DD has been under the weather the past few weeks, first a bit of a sickness bug which she's not fully recovered from as isn't back to eating properly and now an ear infection which she's been on antibiotics for for 48 hours.

She is usually a very contented, happy, cheeky baby and whist there have been moments where we've seen that, mostly she's been quiet, clingy and crying a lot.

Before getting ill she was taking around 600ml formula a day alongside 3 solid meals and a few snacks. But the last few weeks she's averaging 400ml a day and is having less solids.

By around late afternoon she generally gets tired and grouchy but lately she is beyond grouchy! Beyond anything! We've been unable to bath her the past few nights as she is literally in such a state!!

I believe part of it is tiredness as she's not sleeping well during the night and hadn't had a good night sleep in I don't know how long?!?! She wakes several times but it's never obvious why?! So we end up picking her up, settling her and that maybe lasts for a few hours! What is it that KEEPS waking her??

She also has a cough, which during the day isn't too bad and is fairly loose but at night it's SOOOO dry and she coughs with such force it's just heart braking to hear!

Sometimes it may be her cough that wakes her but mostly it's not so not sure why she does all the other times.

FYI the GP said she doesn't have a chest infection.

I just want my baby to be a happy contented girl again. This is really dragging on and what with the poor eating, awful sleeping and terrible cough it's just all too much sad

Bedsheets4knickers Sun 02-Nov-14 21:40:09

Hi taler, my 2 always take a lot longer to recover from illnesses than adults do. My son esp would suffer with runny nappies long after the bug would pass . I also think they form a habbit of waking through night after illness . Can take a few weeks to settle back down . Give it another week to get over infection. A year is also such a teething time it's hard to know what's going on with them. If your feeling In doubt see doctor . X

Foxbiscuitselection Sun 02-Nov-14 21:45:45

It was just the same with all of mine at that age. Infact one if mine had 5 separate illnesses in a row starting at 7 months and then also was madly teething. It took ages to get back to normal

Foxbiscuitselection Sun 02-Nov-14 21:46:08


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