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Sweet Tooth

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jessiepercy79 Mon 20-Oct-14 10:53:13

Hi everyone!

So I have recently discovered that my lovely daughter has inherited her sweet tooth from her mother!

Can anyone recommend some healthy sweet options? I am trying to ween her off of Rowntrees randoms but to no avail! I'm not going to lie, I love them too so her seeing me stuff my face with them is not helping the matter blush !

Any suggestions would be great!


Mrsmorton Tue 21-Oct-14 21:53:38

How old is she? Remember who the grown up is in this relationship!!

SarahCraine Thu 23-Oct-14 08:30:32

having the same problem with you. I tried the All-Fruit Popsicle - watermelon chunks, Pears, peaches, or berries with a touch of apple juice for base will all make great pops. Freeze it and enjoy.

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