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Amblyopia and eye patching anyone?

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SpendingTimeOut Fri 03-Oct-14 20:36:24

My DS (5) has been eye patching for a year now. He is fantastically compliant with it although does complain and clearly finds it difficult to wear. We have had problems with him walking into things and lots of accidents as his vision is obviously very reduced when wearing patch but also he gets terribly tired with it. I have been struggling for over a year now to get any support from school and wondered if anyone else is in a similar position. What support if any do you get from school? Would be great to find someone else going through this too.

nmungbean Fri 04-Mar-16 14:25:54

Hi Folks,
Just thought I'd share this... My 5 year old was diagnosed with amblyopia (Lazy Eye) and was told she had to wear an eye patch for 4 hours a day. Problem was, she HATED the sticky one the NHS provided and she was too self concious to wear it to school as she thought it was ugly and the other kids would tease her.
Anyway, another Mum I know made her a custom made eyepatch that fits over her glasses (my girl loves rabbits hence the funky design!) and she absolutely loved it and I now have no problem getting her to wear it. The lady makes them to order, so if anyone is interested, here is a link to her shop. highly recommended!

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