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How can I get my child to eat vegetables again?

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LLARGIES Sun 07-Sep-14 20:05:26

DD is 3. She has refused to eat anything anymore. I've tried everything. She won't even eat potatoes unless it's chips. I've tried making the same food, but nope she refuses still. I've tried to bribe her with everything and anything and now I'm at my wits end.

I've even bought those vitamin gummy bears ( haven't tried them yet) can anyone recommend what I can do? Even trying to involve her in cooking will not work please help.

Liney15 Sun 07-Sep-14 20:10:58

DD always likes butternut squash soup or red lentil and sweet potato soup from annabel karmel weaning book as they are both quite sweet but full of vitamins. (Me and DH also like the soups with cumin and chilli flakes added).

Might be worth trying?

ManicMinor Sun 07-Sep-14 20:18:33

Soup us great if she will have it - and nothing wrong with blending some veg into sauces to get nutrients into her.

But on the actually getting her to eat veg - I'm no expert (could make a lot if money if I was!) - but this is really common. I think it's important to keep on offering veg, have it available to her, keep it normal for veg to be there. Low key, not pressured, if she will taste then great (but my ds1 wouldn't). Then with luck the phase will pass, she will be more willing to experiment - with my two, this kicked in again at around 5. But only if veg continues to be a normal offered part of meals, and not a battleground either. Just my opinion based on what seemed to work for us. Helped that mine are fruit, so at least I felt they were getting some vitamins in the meantime.

ManicMinor Sun 07-Sep-14 20:19:56

that mine ate fruit!!

ManicMinor Sun 07-Sep-14 20:22:54

I also had more success with raw veg - carrot sticks, cucumber, peppers - to dip into humous and sour cream - they took to those sooner than cooked veg for some reason. And meals in settings away from the family were also better - more veg eaten when they were with the childminder or when they started on school dinners.

TensionWheelsCoolHeels Sun 07-Sep-14 20:34:58

A blender is your friend if vegetables won't pass her lips. Hidden veg in anything/everything that she does eat. I used to make little potato cakes with potato, cauliflower & parsnip & when all mashed together, DD couldn't tell the difference. I usually added a strong flavoured cheese to the mix & that helped.

There is an American recipe book called deceptively delicious that has loads of things you can make with hidden puréed veg. Can't remember the author's name but she's the wife of that Seinfeld comedian I think.

TensionWheelsCoolHeels Sun 07-Sep-14 20:36:54

And I agree about keeping offering the veg without any pressure or comment to eat them. My DD now eats quite a few veg (when in the mood) but she doesn't reel back in horror at seeing a random carrot or sprout.

ceeveebee Sun 07-Sep-14 20:39:50

My DS (nearly 3) is a veg refuser. I do chips made out of any root veg (sweet potato, carrot, parsnip), parboiled and dusted with flour before roasting. Also I put chopped spinach in everything, buy it frozen and hide it in pasta sauces, omelettes etc. Have had some success with savoury muffins made with grated carrot, courgette and cheese in too.
Will read with interest as I need some more ideas too!

margaritasbythesea Sun 07-Sep-14 20:48:00

I have had huge issues with dd. We were at vegetable war until she was around 3. Since then, ive backed off as i felt i was making everything much worse and have got at least some into her each day using methods below. Beginning to reap the rewards. She will now try things a bit and eat a little more widely.

1.Raw veg here too. I pass out carrot sticks and cucumber while I cook dinner.
2. Only fruit ir veg for snacks unless some special reason.
3. Never let her know that tomato or bolognese sauce and some other things i make contains veg. Seem to have slipped that one under
the radar somehow.
4. Bought slushy cups and make slushy out of fruit smoothie

MrsPnut Sun 07-Sep-14 20:54:07

My dd2 doesn't even eat chips. We have a few veg that she will eat but definitely no peas. I make tomato sauce for pasta that contains so much veg but as it's smooth she doesn't know and wolfs it down.

elfycat Sun 07-Sep-14 20:54:12

I do things like grate carrots and shave broccoli into casseroles/ cottage pies etc. I've never presssured them to eat vegetables but ask them to try one bite of everything on their plate and then they can leave the rest of that portion if they choose.

DD2 who is 3 and a fan of 'Frozen' has taken to sharing bites of whole carrots with me in the way Sven/Kristoff do. If you have a fan of the film it could be worth playing the game.

I also feel my DDs tummies at the end of some meals to see if there's 'room' for any more food. I often find a little corner for three more peas, or a bite of potato etc. I always pick tiny amounts and if there's a dessert in the offing I check that the dessert space is safely protected as part of the game.

LLARGIES Sun 07-Sep-14 21:28:28

Thank you all for your replies. Soup on mashed potato is the only way she will have it. Now she won't have the mash. I was thinking if making chips out of stuff and getting her to help cook with me. I didn't think of the dipping carrot sticks though I will try that tomorrow. She always ate veg never refused anything then all of a sudden she's just stopped. Maybe I will stop making a big deal out of it too. Think I'm very guilty of that. thanks

Isseyesque Mon 08-Sep-14 15:10:59

Hi I have a thread on here too about a non eating toddler (age 2.5). She used to eat veg diced small in casseroles, and quite a lot of soup, plus melon, satsuma, cucumber, peas. She will not eat any raw veg or other fruits. However, in the last few weeks she has stopped eating all of the few things she did eat and will now only touch fruit purée pouches, smoothies, a few spoonfuls of mash. She is also refusing to eat other stuff that had previously worked like meat sauce with shredded/puréed veg in it and blended tomato pasta sauce. Last 2 weeks she has eaten chips/chicken with ketchup, a few bites of sandwich, croissant, some breakfast cereal, toast, banana, and not much else. Like you I am at my wits end and don't know what to do. We are offering what the rest of us are having, ignoring, and reduced/stopped all snacks. Puds offered are fruit (which she rejects). It's awful. I sympathise.

LLARGIES Wed 10-Sep-14 23:26:24

Thanks Issey I will look for your thread. Today again she wouldn't even try a cheese sandwhich. She's eating yogurts like it's going out of fashion though. Those Scottish pancakes you toast she will eat loads of those. Yesterday I did those nuggets with veg in them thinking wow what a great idea, but nope she isn't having any of it. I feel like saying if you don't eat what's given you can go without, but she is a nightmare if she's nit fed the temper on her lol

tobysmum77 Tue 16-Sep-14 21:37:46

my advice is give her some peas to pod and tell her she isn't allowed to eat them.

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