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New adult teeth not a great colour - experiences please

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StressingOut Thu 28-Aug-14 17:01:49

Hi. I know there are far worse things than this, so I apologise for making a fuss about it, but it's really upsetting me.

DS (7)'s new front teeth seem to be coming in looking fine (pretty white), and then within a few months they have yellow/brown stains on them. I really don't know why - we're really assiduous about cleaning. I give sugarfree gum after meals, and he doesn't snack.

The dentist didn't seem to have any problem with them at the last check-up (less than a month ago), and he doesn't have any fillings, but they really don't look very nice.

Does anyone have any experiences of this? I'm worried about teasing, etc.

Many thanks in advance.

NotMrsTumble Thu 28-Aug-14 17:04:41

No doubt someone properly dentally qualified will be along, but I'm pretty sure dh

NotMrsTumble Thu 28-Aug-14 17:06:53

Arrgghh phone! (who is a dentist) says it's something to do with the nerve in the new tooth being really big when the teeth are new, and that it should improve (this was also to explain why dd's new teeth were sensitive.

StressingOut Thu 28-Aug-14 17:09:49

Thanks so much for your reply NotMrsTumble. I'm really hoping it's something that could improve with time (is it possible that they could become less stainable over time or something??), or at least that it could be treated.

ilovepowerhoop Thu 28-Aug-14 17:11:34

new adult teeth will look more yellow compared to the white baby teeth as the dentine shines through more in adult teeth.

ilovepowerhoop Thu 28-Aug-14 17:12:04

are they actually stained or does the tooth itself seem yellow?

StressingOut Thu 28-Aug-14 17:15:34

Thanks ilovepowerhoop. I think it's more that they are picking up stains - they look fine to start with but then seem to pick up stains (in an uneven fashion).

ilovepowerhoop Thu 28-Aug-14 17:19:34

do you use a toothpaste with 1450ppm fluoride for him i.e. adult level fluoride.

Grittzio Thu 28-Aug-14 17:23:40

Bumping your thread as this is happening to my son's two front teeth, they are patchy dark yellow, they look like they could do with a clean but we clean them twice a day. He is quite late in losing his baby teeth, at age 10 he still only has 8 adult teeth, his two front upper teeth that have the yellow stain only came through last summer. It's a shame because they are coming through quite straight but with this unsightly stain (I say unsightly as a loose term as I completely appreciate there are far worse things in life). Does anybody know if when he is older we will be able to have anything done about this, will teeth whitening work? Happy to let nature take its course for next few years and hopefully it will become less prominent.

StressingOut Thu 28-Aug-14 17:24:05

Hi ilove, yes we do use adult toothpaste now.

Grittzio Thu 28-Aug-14 17:33:01

Also using adult toothpaste and for sometime.

GaryTheTankEngine Thu 28-Aug-14 17:36:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

StressingOut Thu 28-Aug-14 17:39:30

Hi Gary, thanks for the reply. No medicine (unless you count multivitamins).

LiberalLibertines Thu 28-Aug-14 17:40:17

Watching with interest, as my ds (7) has yellow bottom teeth, they look awful!? I'm meticulous about teeth brushing because mine are shocking sad

StressingOut Thu 28-Aug-14 17:40:41

Hello Grittzio. It is odd isn't it, and frustrating when you clean them and it doesn't look like you do....

catkind Thu 28-Aug-14 17:42:58

When I was young a friend had stained teeth as a result of too much fluoride, she had a habit of eating toothpaste. I think she had some treatment to whiten them as an older teen.

Grittzio Thu 28-Aug-14 17:43:39

Thanks Gary, you may have hit an answer to my sons problem, he suffers really bad hay fever and has quite strong antihistamines, a quick google and this can be a contributing factor, I will study this more later. Sorry to hijack thread StressingOut but was only today discussing my sons yellow teeth!

StressingOut Thu 28-Aug-14 17:47:15

No problem about hijacking, Grittzio - it's a relief to hear others wondering the same thing (though am obviously not pleased that you are!).
I had wondered about fluoride. We live in a high fluoride area, and DS never spat out toothpaste for years...

StressingOut Thu 28-Aug-14 17:48:30

Also, having said no medication, DS has had quite a lot of antihistamines this summer for hayfever. I forgot blush

Nusalembongan Thu 28-Aug-14 17:51:01

I have twins aged 11 and one has dreadful teeth, yellow and stick out all over the place. Very unsightly. I guess braces will help with the direction of growth but not sure about the colour? My DH and I both have good teeth so bit sorry to see theirs looking so bad.

I suspect that it has little to do with how often you brush them as surely the colour is genetic and comes from within rather than something you actually clean off unlike plaque.

Nusalembongan Thu 28-Aug-14 17:51:47

No medication here. In fact the twin with good teeth is the one who suffers from hay fever and takes antihistamine.

Elderflowergranita Thu 28-Aug-14 17:53:43

DS had this when he was 11, and it was due to a reaction to mouthwash, we think.

Dentist cleaned them and they have been fine ever since. The stains were completely removed through scale and polish. We stopped using mouthwash though - I think it was one of the kiddy Colgate ones.

StressingOut Thu 28-Aug-14 17:55:19

Hi Nusalem. Having twins (presumably brought up in similar manner!) with different coloured teeth seems a pretty good indication of genetic influence...

StressingOut Thu 28-Aug-14 17:56:17

Oh, that's really interesting Elderflower. DS uses kids mouthwash most days. I'll ask the dentist about it...

schmee Thu 28-Aug-14 17:58:03

One of my dts has bad teeth and I wondered if it was due to lack of calcium in the womb.

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