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Cephalohematoma and possible head tilt

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Sootgremlin Tue 19-Aug-14 09:12:54

My dd had a large cephalohaematoma develop on the left hand side of her head after birth. Hospital was unsure of the cause, but thought to have been sustained during the birth or just before. She was a large baby and I had an enormous amount of painful pressure in my pelvis in the weeks leading up to labour, and she came out a few weeks 'early', but not technically premature.

They warned she could have this lump for months, or that she might need physio if she had trouble sleeping on that side.

To our surprise and delight, it had all but disappeared by around 6-8 weeks, I gave her lots of tummy time/daytime naps in sling, checked her head position and it seemed fine, HV agreed.

Now she's 7 months and has been sitting up beautifully for around a month, and just recently I have noticed her tilting her head to that left hand side in a funny way when she's in her high chair. At first we just thought it was cute, she kind of leans and look up at us, but now I've noticed it happening more over a few days I'm beginning to worry. It's not all the time, seems to be especially when she is tired. Always that side though.

Has anyone any experience of this 'head tilting'? Can it be related to the cephalo?

I'm having her weighed this week and unsure whether to just mention to HV or make a GP appointment.

Turquoiseblue Fri 22-Aug-14 07:07:41

She might have a muscle imbalance or s torticollis no harm to ask to referr her to Physio for referral
No harm to get vision checked too

Sootgremlin Fri 22-Aug-14 08:22:33

Thanks turquoise, looked up torticollis and think it might be a possibility! but maybe would have noticed it before now?

I also thought hearing, but hadn't considered vision, so will bear that in mind.

Having said that she's not done it so much over the last day, so wonder if it it could just be something intermittent like teething.

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